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Summer 2015

We are going to be having lots of musical animal and play-themed fun this summer in our classes! Classes for walkers-2,5yrs, Pre-schoolers 3-5yrs and a mixed age Family Time class (0-7) will run.

Wiggle and Grow (Walkers – 2.5yrs)
Theme: ‘Pet Parade’
Time: Mondays 10-11
Dates: 27th July, 10th, 17th, 24th August
Location: Wells
Class size: 6 children max.
Parents/carers attend and take part

Laugh and Learn (3-5yrs)
Theme: ‘Around the Farm’
Time: Fridays 9.30-10.25
Dates: 24th, 31st July, 14th, 28th August
Location: Elim Connect Centre, Wells
Class size: 6 children max.
Parents/carers may stay or leave and attend final 15 minutes

Family Time (0-7yrs)
Time: Fridays 10.30-11.25
Dates: 24th, 31st July, 14th, 28th August
Location: Elim Connect Centre, Wells
Class size: 12 children max.
Parents/carers and siblings attend and take partTheme: ‘Let’s Play!’

Cost per class: £5.00/child (£8 for 2 children).
Cost on registration: £10 for Home Materials (all the songs, videos, games and stories). You may pay per class. You do not have to attend all 4 classes but a minimum of 2 is required.

Please contact me for more information and to register.

For more about Kindermusik visit

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Turtle Tots

I had my first session with Turtle Tots today at a glorious new facility in Cheddar. The little ones absolutely adored it, and so did I. As a swimmer and former lifeguard I can say that it is absolutely the kind of introduction to water I want my children to have. Joyous, practical and confidence boosting. We can’t wait for the next installment.

For more information contact Turtle Tots – Specialist baby and toddler swimming with Turtle Tots, now in Cheddar! or email

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New Baby class begins this week

I am very happy to now be able to offer “Cuddle & Bounce” for newborn-pulling up. Click here for the full class description.

The class will be held 9am – 10am Fridays at Wells Cricket Club (near Tree House Nursery BA5) beginning Friday 16th August. It is roughly a 40 minute session with plenty of time for arriving, feeding, changing etc. The building is on one level with changing and toilet facilities and room to park buggies.

Classes run in 4 weekly sessions and digital @Home Materials including all songs and stories accompany each class so you can continue your musical journey at home. You are welcome to come for a free taster class before signing up.

Please bring your baby’s special blanket to lie them on if you have one.

To register and for more information please contact me.

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Summer Holiday Classes

Looking for something for the little ones for summer?

Join us at Wells Cricket Club (South Horrington, near Tree House Nursery) for some Kindermusik summer fun!

Names are being taken for the following times:

  • Wednesdays @ 10am
  • Fridays @ 10am NOW FULL

Please drop me a line for more information if you are interested.

Why music?

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Why music? An inspiring story

I met the most amazing woman in the park yesterday. When she found out I teach Kindermusik she started to tell me about her sons, her life with them and their lives with music. It was a huge testament to the power of music within a family, a person and a community and touched so many Kindermusik themes I had to share…

One of her sons had difficulties at school and at one point was labeled ‘educationally subnormal’. He found his relief and self esteem playing piano in assemblies at school. He is now a PhD scientist.

Another still plays in a band with someone he played with when he was 4. He is now in his twenties. Music is his place to bond and play.

She has another son who is a neuroscientist. He believes whole heartedly that every child should be engaged in some sort of music making. In her words, “He says we are only just beginning to gauge the positive benefits music has on the brain – it does something different. Every one should make music regardless of whether they are a ‘musician’ or not.”

We both stood with tears in our eyes as she told me about the enrichment music had brought to their lives. She still wells up remembering the three of them playing music together for the family at Christmas.

Why music? That’s why.

There is one space left for Wiggle and Grow for walkers – 3yrs 10am Fridays at Wells Cricket Club, South Horrington.

Babies to walking is at 9am and is just starting out. Come and join us!

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What people are saying

“What a great load of songs we now have to dance about to! I have made a little music corner for T. with her music player, some shakers and some ribbons to wave about. She loves it!”
“We really enjoyed the session on Friday, I was so pleased that she warmed up so quickly, particularly as she’d just woken up – it often takes her an hour (or more, sometimes) to get up to full speed again! We’re looking forward to more fun on Friday!”
“I played some Kindermusik this week just before bedtime and it worked a treat – He calmed right down even though we hadn’t heard the song for ages.”
Just some of the great experiences from our Wiggle and Grow class parents. Come and see what Kindermusik can bring for you and your little ones! Contact me for more information and to register.